Gemstone Refractive Index Chart

I have for you (courtesy of Agent0013).

This is a collection of refractive index values useful for the creation of a large variety of Gemstones in any 3D application that has a render engine that can handle those types of values.

Each Gemstone on this list has it's own values. Content creators may find this list quite useful if they are into creating gem encrusted jewelry. This list is only a compilation of what has been found online under the creative commons license, as yet.

The information has been placed it on a chart, then sorted it alphabetically.

All the most popular gemstones are on the list along with a lot more that are lesser known, with the hope it will provide  a large variety for content creators to work with.

A list of photos of each stone on this list, to provide an idea of there colors, luster, and cut styles will be happening later on.

It is in PDF format and hopefully can be useful. All can download the listing and use it as it is...a listing with no restrictions at all (all can be found on the web but is now in a document to store easier.

Thank you for your hard work in searching and compiling this listing Agent0013.

Go here to download the pdf

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