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Space Hunter *Exclusive*

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not bad at all. Unfortunately I can't use it myself we are I'm using poser seven but it looks like you did a pretty decent job fixing quite a few issues in the version you got here compared to the one people are paying for.

I might and I've got the other version that you're referring to LOL. Wondering if it's possible you might know somebody that does texture work? I purchased a product at one point that converts V4 into a female version of the alien if you're familiar with the old alien movies with Sigourney Weaver. At any rate the one thing they don't mention when you buy the product is there's no texture files for either the props or fee for herself so that everything comes out all one color.

I'm looking to find out if I can find somebody to make a series of extra files but so far haven't had any luck thinking you might know somebody given your part of one of these sites so figured I'd ask.
 by peter p.
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