Seth Resurrected (Redux) M4 *Exclusive*



Seth is a 'natural born' Vampire, both of his parents being Vampires at the time he was conceived and born. He is part Mountain Fae (bean-sidhe or Banshee) on his father's side and part Human on his mother's side. His father was also a famous Fae Battle-Mage and a shape-shifter of the ancient Red Wolf Clan. Seth also learned this knowledge from his father.

His mother and father are considered "The Queen and King of the Vampires" by most  other Vampires. He's roughly 500 years old and has had his ups and downs with his 'condition'. He's all too aware of the fact of having no choice in the matter, as so becomes deeply troubled at times. He's at the point now where he's trying to not be so possessed by that violent nature. Still, he will become brooding and morose at times.

Seth Redux is a M4 morph created with Morphs++ by Sidhe Rose Graphics.

His body, genital and face skins are also customized by Sidhe Rose Graphics, as
well as all his eye MATs unless noted otherwise.


This Redux product has upgraded Seth's skin mats and general materials. This pack uses NORMAL and Displacement maps. His poses have also been redone. Seth now has three different Head morphs for variety of character, including his original head morph.

Please read NOTES: if you have the PREVIOUS version of Seth by SRG.

Everything needed for Seth is included in this package.



Seth's poses are universal and will work on any M4 figure. Some adjustment may be required for clothing, body size and for chair, as well as pov or if you do not use his body morph. Most outfits fit him with little adjustment. Others may need some adjustment.

Please leave IK OFF for poses. Apply Genitals and Gen-Fix AFTER posing for best result if using. Adjust to preference after the application of 'Genital character', Gen_MAT and Gen FIX - in  that order.

As a character, Seth likes to wear high large heeled boots, ergo his feet in his poses are a little higher off the floor than usual to accomodate these. Adjust as necessary for lower  heeled boots.   



All injections, removals, poses and application of textures can be found in the Pose  directory under SRG_Seth.

If you happen to have his old pack it is suggested you remove it or place it in a  separate runtime. That is your choice but the two will not match in renders and you  may encounter Poser getting confused over which mats to load.

- Load M4 into Poser document from the DAZ People directory in the FIGURES library.
- Select M4.
- Inject M4's MORPHS ++.
- From the POSE library, find SRG_Seth/Morphs:

- Inject Head and Body Morphs, which loads both selected Head and Body Morphs at once.

- The Utilities in Seth's Pose directory are Turn IK Off/On and Default Pose.

- The Utilities directory will also allow you to turn Inverse Kinematics (IK) OFF for posing him.
  It is suggested that you always turn IK off when posing him.

_ Regarding Genitals: Do not apply Genital until after he is Body morphed and posed as you want
  him, then Load Genital > Conform to, and use the Gen Fix to adjust the fit properly.


System requirements:
 Poser 9+, Michael 4 and Morphs++ from DAZ3D, PC/Mac Compatible


  • Model:   srg-seth
  • Designer: Sidhe Rose Graphics

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