LaFemme Pro: Shape of Fifi

It's Free!

Youthful character shape pose for La Femme Pro.

Works with clothing that properly supports La Femme Pro body morphs. Shape pose can be used with either La Femme or La Femme Pro figure. Some details are locked or removed to prevent issues with poses and for child-friendly use.

La Fille Bundle Offer: While Fifi was designed for maximum compatibility with LaFemme Pro without any additional morph sets, some clothing doesn't quite conform properly to Fifi's base shape. At this point, there's not enough time or funds for me to test and fix every single La Femme outfit on the market. To help foster better compatibility, I'm offering her base shape for free, no strings attached.

If you can help support Fifi by fixing an item that doesn't fit her correctly, and Poser's "copy morphs" feature doesn't do the job, you can get Fifi's La Fille Bundle for FREE. The item can be either from a commercial product or freebie, but please stick to items that are more child-appropriate.

1: Download the "Shape of Fifi" and test your LaFemme collection.

2: If you find an ill-fitting item(s) that "copy morphs" can't correct and you'd be willing to fix, send me an email to I'll let you know which of those have already been fixed or requested, to save you the trouble of doing one that's being worked on, and which item you can do. Your request will be added to the list as well.

3: When you're done, send me the morph or correction pose to verify. This can include morphs generated by Poser, but only if additional corrections were required for the item to fit correctly.

If it's for a commercial item that I'm not able to verify, you can send a series of basic renders centered on the item conformed to LaFemme with Fifi's shape pose applied. The pics need to include the default T pose from the side, front, and top, as well as one with a standing pose. Nothing fancy or artistic is required, just simple lighting in either Firefly or SuperFly that clearly shows that the item is fitting well.

4: When the correction is approved and you've made it available to the public, either for free or included in the product, you'll be gifted the full version of Fifi.

PC/Mac compatible
Poser 11+
LaFemme Pro

Promotional Credits:
Clothing & Hair:
Gymnastic/Dancewear by Thoennes
GwenithHair by Littlefox

The Gym by 3-d-c

additional shaders by Semicharm

  • Model:   semi/fifishape
  • Designer: Semicharm

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 06 October, 2020.


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