LaFemme: Halloween Makeup_Scarecrow & Deer


  Halloween Makeup_LaFemme: Scarecrow & Deer
  Two holiday costume makeup styles for a Halloween ball or Trick or Treat fun.

Package Details:
 -Two makeup mats, with diffuse and mask textures
 -Two DIY makeup mats

 LaFemme (Poser 11.2 or


Base LaFemme SSS mat presets:
 1. Load LaFemme
 2. Apply SSS skin mats included with LaFemme
 3. Apply makeup mat preset

Applying DIY mats to characters:

 DIY mats only add the required nodes. You'll need to manually connect them in the Material Room
 Note: The makeup transparency can be adjusted with the MakeupTransparency node value.

 1. Load LaFemme
 2. Apply LaFemme character skin mats
 3. Open Material Room and switch to the "Advanced" tab
 4. Select "SkinHead" material
 5. Add DIY makeup mat (double checkmark button ✓✓ at bottom of Library window)
   A. Connect MakeupMap texture node to PoserSurface Diffuse_Color input
   B. Connect DiffuseValue texture node to PoserSurface Diffuse_Value input and set value to 1
   C. Locate diffuse "skin" or "scatter" node
     a. Find node connected to "color" input and connect that node to Blender Input_1
     b. Connect Bender to "skin" or "scatter" node "color" input
   If Firefly and SuperFly are not checked the root node, repeat steps above for other root node.
   The preview should display the makeup overlay on the LaFemme texture. If not, check the steps above
   and the root node(s) for both Firefly and SuperFly are connected.
  The makeup transparency can be adjusted with the MakeupTransparency node value.
  The default is 0.95. To make the makeup completely opaque, it it to 1.
  Once the SkinHead material is setup, continue by copying the mat to the Lip material.
  6. Right-click and choose Select All
  7. Right-click and choose Copy
  8. Select "Lips" material
  9. Right-click and choose Select All
  10. Right-click and choose Replace


Promotional Credits:
Figure & Clothing:
 LaFemme from
 CruX Sweet Rebel by Publishing
 GeorgiaHair by Prae
 Fifi by Semicharm
 Turtleneck by Afrodite Ohki
 Samantha Hair by Littlefox
Background and lighting:
 Hansaplatz by hdrihaven
 WorldBall by 3DCheapskate




  • Model:   semi/sc-deer
  • Designer: Semicharm

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