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Sasia V4 [Exclusive]

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Sasia V4

( Pronounced Say-Sha )

RecieCup Designs brings you a tattooed diva from around the way.

Sasia has a beautiful face and a well sculpted body. She comes with her own face and body poses. She also has make-up and eye color options as well.

She can be anything from an Amazonian princess to a sexy librarian. Sasia is the sassy siren who is sure to become a runtime favorite. Sasia is a unique and exotic character set for V4.

She comes with six textures for V4 Basic Wear Bikini top and bottom. She has been carefully created to give excitment and the textures are high quality.

~Included for ~ Sasia ~

1 Face Texture (3000x3000)
1 Torso Texture (3000x3000)
1 Limb Texture (3000x3000)
1 Second Skin Torso Texture (3000x3000)
1 Second Skin Limb Texture
1 Tattoo torso textures
1 Tattoo limb textures
7 Make-up Textures (3000x3000)
7 Lip Textures (3000x3000)
5 Eye color options
7 Nail colors
1 Head Morph ( INJ and REM )
1 Body Morph ( INJ and REM )
9 full body poses
10 face poses
6 textures for the V4 Basic Wear bikini top and bottom

PC/Mac compatible
Victoria 4, Aiko 4, Victoria 4 Morphs ++
V4 Basic Wear Bikini Top and Bottom (optional)
Poser 6+
DS 3+
Works nicely in Poser 11 Pro

Usage Tips or Limitations:

-- After starting a new scene, Load V4. Load Sasia by clicking on the seperate face and body injections. The seperate face and body REM files are included if you want to go back to default V4. Click on either the Sasia Full MAT "button" and that's it. You are ready to let your imagination run wild with Sasia.

-- In order to use Sasia's Basic Wear textures, you must own the V4 Basic Wear Bikini top and bottom. These items must be loaded in Poser or DAZ and selected in order for the MATs to work. These MATs are also found in a seperate folder for easier installation.

-- Mat files are also included to add make-up and eye color options.

-- MAT files included for adding Sasia's tattos and second skin.



  Sasia has a rather unique body shape unlike most V4 characters. However, fitting the Basic Wear Bikini bottom to her " thick " rear end is very easy.

All you have to do is select the hip node of the bikini bottom and scale it to 101.2 (DAZ users). Poser users may need to scale it to a different number. It's that easy.

  • Model:   rc/sas
  • Designer: RenderCandy

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