Breezy Dress: LaFemme PS


A Breezy summer dress for La Femme.

The Dress has been setup to be able to be used in the Poser cloth room, but it also comes with many morphs and adjustment morphs.

It comes with 14 texture sets and 10 plain colours for Superfly and Firefly.

This is a Poser product and not designed for Daz Studio.

Cloth Room Setup

Select La Femme and zero her. Load the Dress. Go to cloth room and click "New Simulation" and tick "Cloth Self-Collision". Leave all other settings as they are. Click OK.

Click Clothify, click the drop down, go to Props and select the Dress, click Clothify.

Next click "Collide Against".

Click add/remove and select La Femme and the Ground.

Scroll down until you see Dress and uncheck it, then click OK and then OK again for "Cloth Collision Objects" window.

Move the animation slider to 30 and set a pose you want, save the scene!

Then go back to the cloth room and click "Calculate Simulation".

If the Dress snaps back to the original position at the end of the simulation, save your scene and run the simulation again.

There is also a Daz Studio 4 (dforce) version

System Requirements:
PC and Mac compatible
Poser 11+
La Femme


Product Notes:

Before loading the Dress make sure La Femme is loaded, selected and zeroed.

To do this simply select Figure from the File menu and then Zero Figure.

For a smoother look Poser 11 and up users can turn up Subdivision Levels under the Breezy Dress Properties Tab. It is set to 1 by default for rendering.






Adjustment Morphs

Adjust Back
Adjust Breasts
Adjust Front
Adjust Hips
Adjust Neck
Adjust Sides
Adjust Stomach
Adjust Waist

Skirt Morphs

Flare 1
Flare 2
Flare 3
Flare 4

Superfly and Firefly Mats

Breezy Black
Breezy BlackFloral
Breezy Blue
Breezy Cyan
Breezy Gold
Breezy Green
Breezy Kaleidoscope
Breezy Lavender
Breezy Peach
Breezy Pink
Breezy Purple
Breezy Red
Breezy White
Breezy Yellow
Plain Black
Plain Blue
Plain Fawn
Plain Gold
Plain Green
Plain Peach
Plain Pink
Plain Purple
Plain White
Plain Yellow


  • Model:   prae/breezyps
  • Designer: Prae

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 28 December, 2021.


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