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Maxx for V4

In a world where there are secrets just below the surface .... there are the winners, the losers, and the survivors. The winners have taken control of the planet, the losers are the ones who fought and lost, but the survivors are the ones who did what they had to to see the battle to restore things through.

Whether it was to comply and still rebel, to wear a fake smile or to become like the invaders in part, sacrifices were made in order to survive.

For some, the cost was great ... the cost of their humanity. Such was the choice laid before Maxx - her family was gone, her life was in peril. She made the choice to become partly like them in order to live, so she could fight another day.

But at what a price .... she hears the voices telling her to do things, inhuman things ... the nightmares that accompany the voices. She knows these are the true inner demons she has within her... that enable to her to live, a life such as it is....

This package includes:
1 base skin (both default & SSS)
1cyborg skin (with 3 color options)
10 eye color options
10 nail color options
6 different eye lash choices
10 lip color options
4 pubic hair options
10 make-up options.

Needed Files:

Poser 6+
PoserPro 2010+
Victoria 4.2 Base
Victoria 4.2 Morphs ++
PC/Mac Compatible
DS 3+


Usage Tips/Limitations

1) Load V4
2) Inject Morphs++ into V4
3) Inject my character morphs
4) Apply the MAT pose material for the base texture
5) Change Eyes and Face etc as desired
6) Please use the REM file on her beautiful morphs before applying a different creation to your V4 base file.


This product will work in DAZ with some material tweaks, but the cyborg effects may not give the same end results.

I have included a variety of RESETs that are available in separate folders.

Always apply the base skin before any of the other options. The skin will appear to be lacking in the added textures with the SSS options, and this applies to all the options included, UNTIL it is rendered. Feel free to do a spot render to ensure the look is what you seek before doing a full & final high quality render. When changing to a different skin option, you can use the RESETs to ensure no extra parts from other skins carry over.

The cyborg wire colors are light related, meaning different light levels will make them "glow" stronger on different body areas. Shadowed areas may show the color stronger in comparison to areas that fall into the light set being used.

Different choices for lighting and rendering settings will result in different render results from those displayed. Please remember that lighting is a factor for how well SSS effects render, so it is suggested to use lighting sets that use IBL lights. Always disable IDL in your render settings with Maxx to avoid any unwanted artifacts and the such. As always with SSS, disable inner mouth body parts to avoid the glow.

Be unique and enjoy!



  • Model:   katt/maxx
  • Designer: Katt

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