Kamyron M4


Kamyron for M4

His eyes will seek to hold you while he reaches into your soul, finding the light and the dark within.

Kamyron has had a rough life, and has the damage to show. Some of the marks he bears are old ... but some are new. Some of these damages are still healing, yet some are fresh and still raw ... he is damaged inside and out. He has covered his skin with bad boy skull tattoos ... trying to keep the darkness in ... or is he trying to keep it out?

Who knows .... his soul, like his body, is damaged by the life he has led, not all of by choice.

There are a variety of options to mix & match the tattoos, as well as multiple combinations provided for the damaged skin. Make him your bad boy today!

The package contains:

1 Head Injection & Remove
1 Body Injection & Remove
1 Full Figure Injection & Remove
1 Genital Fix
1 Base Skin (both in SSS and default)
6 Tattoo Options
8 Eye colors
7 Face Damaged Options
3 Arm Damaged Options
3 Leg Damaged Options
6 Torso (front & back) Damaged Options

System Requirements:

PC and Mac compatible
Poser 6
M4 Morphs++

Usage Tips or Limitations:

1) Load M4
2) Inject Morphs++ into M4
3) Load M4 Gens & conform them to M4
4) Inject the morphs for the gens
5) Inject our character morphs - be sure to have body selected for body morphs & gens selected for gen morphs
6) Apply the GENS FIX to properly fit the gens to M4
7) Apply the MAT pose materials for the texture
8) Change Eyes and Face etc as desired.
9) Most importantly HAVE FUN!!!

Be sure to select the correct body part when applying the INJs. If the head is selected when applying the Gens morph, it will result in a very large head, but no change to the gens.

There are a multitude of options provided for using any combination nearly of the damaged skins, as well as the tattoos. Find the right look, and enjoy! The back tattoo will appear to have a seam pre-render, but it renders perfectly fine.

Different choices for lighting and rendering settings will result in different render results from those displayed. Please remember that lighting is a factor for how well SSS effects render, so it is suggested to use a simple single light, or a few lights as possible. The lighting sets that use IDL options are also great for showing off SSS skin effects.

Be unique and enjoy!




  • Model:   katt-kam
  • Designer: Katt

This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 24 August, 2014.


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