Hunnii V4.2 Redeux


Hunnii V4 Redeux

Hunnii has been redone so working with newer versions of Poser, Poser Pro and Daz will/should go without a hitch.

From the late night party, or from the mid-day office meeting, Hunnii for V4 will add some dark spice to your renders and runtime. She has been designed with high quality resources to create an equally high quality product for you to enjoy. Whether you use Poser 9 or Poser 7 or DAZ Studio, Hunnii has the supported files to achieve the same result, with subsurface scattering or not.

Hunnii comes with a rich dark base skin, and has 4 unique tattoo options that can be used seperate or you can use one of the multiple tattoo combinations as well. There are seven rich lip colours designed to compliment the included 14 make-up options to create a look for an evening on the town, or a fantasy look for that special render. There are also seven nail polishes that work on both fingers & toes, and can easily be co-ordinated with the make-up choices. She comes with 10 eye color options so you can get that perfect look, and there are five distinct eyelashes to choose from to further enhance her beauty for your renders.

There are also 2 dynamic bodysuits to choose to wear.

So take her into your runtime ... you will not be disappointed!



PC and Mac compatible
Daz 3 and above
Poser Pro 10 or 12
Poser 5 and above
Morphs ++ for V4.2


Usage Tips or Limitations:

As always, be sure to apply the BASE skin before adding any of the tattoos for a compete look.

Please notice the extra folders. Most are now using SSS options more than the basic skin style, so I made the SSS the dominate folder items. Within some sections, there are non-SSS options but do NOT use a non-SSS with an SSS option as this will create odd results.

There are reset options where needed so you do not have to re-apply your options from start. These can be found in skins, lips, and makeup sections, for both non-SSS and SSS options.

The nail polishes apply to both fingers and toes. If you wish to mix these into different combinations, you will need to apply the alternate option manually.

With the advancements in art and rendering, there may still be limitations when using this item in DAZ. While many material settings may translate to DAZ Studio, please be aware that DAZ Studio is not specifically supported.

The bodysuit was created with Hunnii's unique shape in mind. It may work on other characters as it is dynamic, but remember it was made for Hunnii so it will not be as perfect a fit on others. With dynamic clothing, there are almost always edits to be done after the simulation has been completed. Bear this in mind before sitemailing about a bad purchase.

There are great dynamic tutorials already out there, so here are some tips for the dynamic bodysuit that I would suggest for best results:
1. Use 30 frames for normal poses, more if the chosen pose will be a more animated one.
2. At FRAME ONE load V4, her skin, hair etc and lights. Then ZERO the figure, load the INJ morphs and finally load the bodysuit prop. It is important to load these items IN THIS ORDER to avoid the semblance of a badly made and poor fitting suit.
3. Add your pose at FRAME 13 or whichever frame you choose, and continue as normal.
4. Some CLOTH ROOM settings I would recommend would be:
* set DRAPE FRAMES to 4
* CLOTH DENSITY = 0.0009

If you want to move her after the sim has completed, make sure to parent the bodysuit to her body first.

Different choices for lighting and rendering settings will result in different render results from those displayed. Please remember that lighting is a factor for how well SSS effects render, so it is suggested to use a simple single light, or a few lights as possible. The lighting sets that use IDL options are also great for showing off SSS skin effects. Be unique and enjoy!

  • Model:   katt/hunni
  • Designer: Katt

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