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Eala Sul and Unseelie Bundle


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Here they are folks, both lovely ladies in one package....Eala Sul Fae and Vamp together to save you money.

Eala Sul ..... the death ghost wind of the Elves.... with both a dual-aspect soul.... one side light and full of old magic ... the other is the darker side of her soul ... the vampire ... the Unseelie ....

She moves with a step more silent than the air of night .... and leaves just the faintest hint of having been there at all, passing softer than a warm breeze on a moonless night. She is the last of her kind -- pale High Elf from forgotten times. But she is doomed to wander forever, for her soul has been tainted with the dark blood of the Unseelie. Eternally cursed to bear in her mind's eye the last terrifying moments of those she drains the life from .... in order to sustain her own ... alone with her lighter side..... one in the shadows while the other is in the forefront but never together as one.

She can be like the wind caressing your skin, or a possible figment of your imagination, with her pale skin magically protecting her secrets.... A magikal fae of the dark woods.... or one who dances in the shining sunlight .... a sexy woman of the here & now ..... or as sweet as the girl next door.

She can be a breath of ice caressing your soul, or a possible figment of your imagination, with her deathly pale skin guarding her internal screams in secret.... A deathly pale unseelie of those dark places long forgotten.... or one who glides in the flickering candlelight .... a sexy woman of the night.

She can wear the appearance of innocence .... luring people in ... until they see her teeth at that last fleeting moment before death ... when she reveals her dark nature.

A new character for V4 to use .... to add some secret whispers into your runtime. She comes with a unique ear, eye, and teeth morphs, 9 different skins, including a basic fae (and vampire) skins with no marks, and a wide variety of eye options, nail colours, and make-ups.

They are ready to give you all they can in your renders.

These are a MUST if you want to make full use of the ear morphs for Eala Sul.
Fae Ears for V4 (go to FREEBIES .. MORPHS)

  Required items
  PC and Mac compatible
  Poser 6+
  DAZ Studio 2.3+
  V4 Morphs++  

  • Model:   ewc-esbundle
  • Designer: Katt


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