DWD Dimmetria V4 *Exc.*

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Dimmetria, a Princess of dragons casting spells, a gothic beauty
waiting by moonlight or just the sweet girl next door with a charming

Dimmetria comes with:
• INJ/REM For head and body
• 6 EyeBrow Colours
• 6 Nail Colours  
• 10 Eye Colours
• 5 EyeShadows with 3 styles each giving 30 options
 both with and without Tattoo
 •10 EyeLash Colours
    -6 plain
    -4 glitter
    -6 Lip Colours
    -2 EyeLiners both with and without Tattoo
• 2 Body Mats, plain and, Tattooed.
Needed for use:
-PC and Mac
-DazStudio 2 and 3+
-Daz V4,V4 Morphs++ and Stephanie 4 Elite

The Advanced mats also require Poser 9 or Pro2012 and Daz Studio 3
with the Elite Human Surface Shader.  
Usage tips:
Brows on - by default - shows no brows until you apply a MAT in DazStudio

Make sure that in the "Morph" section that "Brows On" is activated (double-clicked) before applying the "Advanced Shader Mat INJ/REM" files.

In poser if the eyebrows do not seem to work properly or look a bit odd
try changing/turning off the gamma setting ether in the render settings
or on the transparency map its self. 

(Poser users: On the off chance that still shows no eyebrows then apply the "Brow ON" from the DS folder)

All make up options come with and without the tattoo for both the
standard mats and the advanced, there are no advanced settings for the
Brow and Eyelashes.

Mixing Standard and Advanced mats will produce seams, when changing
from one to the other please apply the base mat first then what ever
tattoo/make up option you wish to use. The Eyelash and eyebrow mats do
how ever work fine with all options and you can use the standard eyes
with the advanced mats and visa versa.

Please keep in mind that lighting is a factor for how well the SSS mats
and the EHSS mats render. It is suggested to use a simple light set up.
Lighting will also play a part in your render times, IDL in poser and
UberEnvironment in DazStudio in particular will cause long times

Advanced eye mats need some thing in scene to reflect other wise you may
get odd results

  • Model:   dwd/dimmetria
  • Designer: Dreamweaver Designs

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