Absinthe Veritae Set [Exclusive]


Absinthe Veritae Set

Absinthe Veritae - the Real Thing

In it's days of glory this legendary spirit was consumed by the great artists, poets, thinkers and the 'bohemian crowd' of European and American society.  Absinthe is often referred to poetically as 'the Green Fairy' or la fée verte. Recall a scene in Copolla's "Dracula", where the Count introduces Mina to the 'magic' of the Green Fairy.

Highly exaggerated myths of it's dangerous properties and harmful effects grew to prominence in the late 19th century, causing it to be banned for many decades. Now, the Green Fairy is back! And she's here for you, the artists and poets of today in this lovely, highly detailed set of bottled Absinthes and paraphernalia. Fire up your imagination. Let it fly free! Create new myths and legends about her in your renders and stories.

This set is proudly brought to you by Dragon Rose Studios, a combined project from Sidhe Rose Graphics and dRaCX.


Items from this set may be used in both commercial and non-commercial renders. Please see the READ-ME file for usage particulars.

NOTE: Worried about render time with all this glass and metal? Banish the thought! The textures in this product render fast and look great!


1 - Absinthe Bottle - opened

1 - Absinthe Bottle - corked

1 - Absinthe Bottle - sealed

5 - Hand-painted Labels

7 - Bottleneck foils

1 - Cork

1 - Wax Seal in 2 colors

4 - Unique Glass designs with Glass Contents

4 - Saucers for the Glasses

1 - Serving tray

2 - Styles of Sugar Plates

1 - Sugar Cup

1 - Absinthe Spoon style

Sugar Cubes parented to the Spoons and servers

Ice Cubes parented to Glass Contents

Many texture options in White, Black, Gold and Silver


The developers own the copyright and/or have the right to distribute all of the content

contained within this ZIP file.


  • Model:   drs/absinthe
  • Designer: Dragon Rose Studios

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