PollyAnna for G2F & Dolly *Exclusive*

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Introducing PollyAnna, an adorable doll to grace your DS/Poser runtime!

Special attention has been given to the skin shaders to give it such a porcelain dolly skintone. The Poser 9+ shaders are different then the DS shaders.

PollyAnna morph can only be used with the Dolly morph by Outoftouch, it's not a morph by itself you can use, it only gives Dolly a more "Doll" face.

What's included :

01 Full Mat
07 Eye Colors
03 Eye Refections
07 Make-ups
08 Lip Colors
03 Nail colors

Panty and Top :


Daz Studio and Poser companion files are included for the top and panties.


Usage Tips :

- How to work with the PollyAnna morph in Daz Studio :
- Load Genesis 2 Female
- Dial the Dolly morph in the shaping tab to 100%
- in the same shaping tab under "Head/people/stylized" locate the PollyAnna morph and dial that morph to 1.00
- Or the fast way : Dial the Dolly morph in the shaping tab to 100% and use the !!PollyHead-INJ button

- I've used Sabby lights for DS with the following settings :
- UberEnvironment : Intensity 60%
- Enlighten-Rim : Intensity 100%
- Enlighten Distant Light : Intensity 30%
- Enlighten SpotLight : Intensity 30%
- Enlighten Distant Light 2 : Intensity 30%

- How to work with the PollyAnna morph in Poser 9+ :
- Load Genesis 2 Female
- Select Genesis 2 Female body locate the Dolly morph under "Actor/Full Body/People/Stylized", dial the morph to 1,000
- Under "Actor/Head/People/Stylized" locate the Dolly and PollyAnna morph and dial that on to 1,000 as well



Poser 7+, Poser Pro 2010+, Poser Pro 2014 & Game Dev, Daz Studio 4

Base Figures:  Genesis 2 Female

Requirements:  Genesis 2 Female(s) Morphs Bundle (For Big Iris only), The free subsurface shader base for DS at DAZ3

File (1): 3.88 MB
File (2): 52.01 MB
File (3): 16.05 MB
File (4): 1.16 MB
File (5): 801.74 KB

  • Model:   as/pollyanna
  • Designer: Amaranth

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