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Ivy for Gorgon Hallway *Exclusive*

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Ivy for Gorgon Hallway

The ivy plants and the tree were made in Ivy Generator. Once in Daz, they had received their first textures. But all materials were created in Poser 11.
Tree has its center in the middle of scene. But plants need to be parented to something at their basis to follow exactly the move, because they aren't centered in the middle of scene.

Materials are in mc6 and pz2.
Tested only in Poser 11, I suppose only this can work in some earlier versions of Poser.
Tested also in DS3 and DS4.
Tested only in a Windows (W8.1) environment.
I added a bump map in each material, but it's turned to 0, leaving you the choice of use or not.

You have:
- 11 ivy plants + 4 mc6/pz2 for each
- 1 tree + 2 mc6/pz2

Have fun and Merry Christmas!


Required software:
Daz 3 and more
Poser 11 and more (and perhaps earlier versions)

Gorgon Hallway


Presentation scene:

Scene 1 (on Daz)
Gorgon Hallway
City & Country Valentine tubes, by MtnMist
Playtime for Kids4, by Schonee and LunchladyDesigns
SimplyOutdoors, by TwistedIllusionz


Scene 2 (in Poser)
Fantasy Amazon for Dawn
Ildiko Dancer hair, by SWAM
Daydreams (backgrounds), mylassen's muse (on FRM)
Eagle gave with Poser 11

  • Model:   am/ivy
  • Designer: Aelin-Namarie

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