Secret Queen for Queens Landing [Exclusive]


Secret Queen

When secrets needed to be kept, queens had their own private areas in their countries. "Secret queen" was one of these places!

You obtain in the pack 2 sets of textures, to decide if it's a new building or a old one. More, each set is in .mc6 and .pz2 formats.

Textures included are:
3 flame textures
3 textures for the lantern flames and metal
1 texture for the base
2 textures for OLD lanterns
2 textures for OLD Secret

Please not that at times the original textures for the lamps "glass" do not work well so you may need to go into material room and remove the textures for the glass starting with RPQL. Then the texture for Secret Queen will show.

DS users please find your textures in Runtime Poses

Poser users yours will be in Runtime > Materials


Required software:
Daz 3+
Poser 4+
Queens Landing, by RPublishing & DM [Poser] (on RMP)



It was tested in Poser 11, Daz Studio 3 and Daz Studio 4.
It's just a supposition it can work in previous versions of Poser (4+). If any problem, must be with settings of textures.

I have also only the Poser "Queens Landing", not the Daz version. I don't know if it works on that one. It was tested in Windows environment (8.1 and 10).

In Daz Studio, when it's used with Normal maps, results can change according the angle of camera, and lights. Few areas will be darker, specially with the "new" textures. It's less visible with "old" ones. But that allows you to have one more style for the Queens Landing.

Always in Daz Studio, the "entry" has also a glitch when it's used with Normal Maps - a verticale dark line. I tested different settings for creation of a Normal Map, but I found no improvement. It's like if a hole appears in the texture during renders - which isn't on textures themselves.


Presentation scene:

Queens Landing, by RPublishing & DM
Mel's Serene Waters, by JustMel
Wilderness backgrounds, by Manic3D
Matte Painting Summer, by 3DToons

  • Model:   aelin/queen
  • Designer: Aelin-Namarie

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