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Fantasies Realm Market Vendor Policy and Agreement

Revised Februay 2021

Fantasies Realm Market welcomes any and all types of merchandise to be sold through our store, either on a regular or exclusive basis, therefore this is the agreement for merchants and store management.

Using morph dials is fine but using any or all of the items below, in addition should increase sales power. (Not mandatory but it will enhance you products for better sales)

    Unique and custom morphs.
    Merchant resources can be used but need to be reworked using photo realistic resources, whenever possible. Adjustments made with just freckles and moles isn't enough. The result should be a photo realistic character pack with unique textures.
    Shaders, SSS, second skins are welcome
    The more you add to your packages the more elite it becomes


    May provide your items for sale here at Fantasies Realm Market, in zipped format only.  Promos should have their own zip please. Whenever possible, if you have both Poser and Daz Studio files for your products, having them in separate zips is preferable but not mandatory.

From time to time MAC uses will have issues with the images in the textures is advised to create them as .jpgs instead of .png. Not only does this keep the size manageable but lets the poser programs behave on application to product.

AVOID spaces in the file names of your products, promos and the zip names and try to keep the name small in length too... for example: or jpg

    Read-me files must be included in your product zips:

        a) Any resources used in creating the of item | name of creator | where it came from, just the list not your "recipe".
        b) Your restrictions for use, if any.
        c) Instructions of use or helpful hints if needed.
        d) Packing list of where they will find the files once unpacked.
        e) Any other information you deem needed for the customer.

    Promo Images:

        a) Sizes can be from 800x800 px and up to 1200x1200px in .jpg format.
        b) Remember your product is the main focus so try to bring out the best in your promos. Main promo may be postworked but additional images demonstrating the product  (especially textures) should NOT be postworked.
        c) Give your images "life" for creating interest, render closeups of your skin textures
        d) Thumbnails are not needed just the full sized promo images and please refrain form adding them to your product zip.

This should be included to ensure your reputation as well as the store's, fines are very expensive (high).  We suggest you use this for creating your read me file ---if having difficulty ---> Readme Builder by Arduino .

    Store will provide additional images also if needed as well as replacing any later add a sense of "new" to your items.

    Designers receive 70% commission on sales whether they are regular or "on sale" with the exception of gift certificate sales which have a 50% commission. You will receive your commision via PayPal the month following the sale was made. There will be an email to you  when you make the sale also so you will be aware of the sale.

Designers must provide

            Real Name
            What your store name should be
            Email for payment (PayPal is the only means used to pay designers)

    Each month of sales the designer will get a monthly statement listing that months sales and it will be in MS Excel format. Merchants need to keep these for their records of yearly sales. If you have problems opening the document contact darkangel @  FaceBook or Darkangel612 @Renderosity or Hivewire3d forums,

    Should a customer require assistance in getting a product "fixed" due to malfunction the designer is expected to help make it right.

Fantasies Realm Market:

    Provide the space for the products.
    Provide the storing of zipped archive.
    Provide information to the merchant about sales information and payments.
    Store receives 30% of the sale price.
    Store shall not distribute said products to anyone unless written (snail mail) permission is received from merchant...except to the customer that orders it.
    Store personnel will not divulge any personal information about the merchant unless it is to law enforcement with the proper paperwork needed to do so.
    All merchant contact information is strictly confidential.
    The store reserves the right to add/replace promo images to the ones merchant provides.
    The store reserves the right to change any promo images from time to time as a way to update them and refresh the minds of the customers.

This is the policy between merchant and store which shall be in effect, but is subject to change. In providing your items into the store for sale, indicates that you agree with this policy.

We are always on the lookout for new vendors so if you are interested in placing your products with us then please send your information to Vendor Application  and we will get back to you asap.

All types of products: textures, modeled items, graphics for scrap booking in all genres of art, from dark to light, fantasy to real everyday items and are especially proud to offer exclusive items which can be found no other place but our store.

If you wish to replace your promos then just let darkangel know.

Fantasies Realm Market Management (darkangel)
Written by Mary Watson aka darkangel ©2005 to present, subject to revision.


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