Fantasies Realm Market!

Quality merchandise at affordable prices!

Christmas Sale from Dec.8 - 31 with 30% OFF!

Come on in and check things out to see what you have that needs a new texture, what you might wish to have that you can splice together with your current arsenal to make just the right outfit you want/need for your images. Remember to live is to never lose your imagination.

Fantasy Attic's 2018 ANNUAL Christmas Community Gifts will start December 1 after midnight (CST)

Featured in the banner:

House of Owls

Heavenly Panther

Outside/Inner view,
fully loaded, remove
what you do not need or
add more into the house.



Use your own method
of "strings", easily posed,
many moveable parts
area to seat your character.

BSC Layla V4

BSC Layla V4
beautiful texture.
For V4/A4
using skin/face morph even
Lady Freak can look gorgeous.

Dragon Kin Expansion [Exclusive]

Dragon Kin Expansion

12 beautiful textures
giving DragonLadyHair
new life, for both V4/M4

BeaSojourner V4

BeaSojourner V4

8 beautiful textures to mix/match
giving even more possibilites
to this outfit and with a few
tweaks LadyFreak can wear it.


More to look over!


Sophie V4

Sophie V4

Advanced Antonia Morphs

Advanced Antonia Morphs

Santa Claus Atelier
Working For Next Year
HD Backs

Santa Claus Atelier Working For Next Year HD Backs

Tis the Season Cookie
Goth Gown

Tis the Season Cookie Goth Gown

Roan Horse Coats

DWD Roan Horse Coats

Beautiful Knits for
Oversized Shirt G2F

Beautiful Knits for Oversized Shirt G2F

Our Annual Halloween treats
are located HERE
for a few more months.

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