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Fantasies Realm Market!

Quality merchandise at affordable prices!


Now you can easily have those scenes like in the movies. Creatures galore, fantasy worlds created by using backgrounds or even in our world in desolate, rundown and abandoned buildings or maybe apocalyptic areas.

Don't forget the many items for fighting them, make sure your arsenal is of many items to give your characters the choices they need to kick some ... well you know.

Just think what your imagination can do with your renders, step out of that box and go for it!

Featured in banner:

Featured in banner:

Crawler [Exclusive]

Would you like running into this creature
in a building, under ground tunnel, the woods...

Vandalized Metro Station [Exclusive]
Vandalized Metro Station

Several rooms to view your prey---I mean
other objects or look up the stairs
or up and look down..

Dolly Cam Head Light [Exclusive]
Dolly Cam Head Light

This light is like a first person view,
with realtime interaction.

"NEW"Snake Scimitar [Exclusive]

Snake Scimitar

A really sturdy weapon your characters can wield
from V4to M4 or creatures.

Heath M4 Exclusive

Heath M4

Valient young man to ward off the villians,
whatever type they are.

Undercover for Ghost Agent *Exclusive*

Undercover for Ghost Agent

This will add to the steath approach
or just add more places to
store ammo


Moonlight Jaguar [Exclusive]
Moonlight Jaguar

Thorn *Exclusive*

Shadow Dragon
Shadow Dragon

Make your own fighting outfits by using several different outfits, to suit your needs!
So what if the item is for V4 maybe with a bit of a tweak here and there it will work
for M4/H4 or vice versa.... unique is not always gender specific!

Hellion Outfit & Boots M4/H4 [Exclusive]
Hellion Outfit & Boots M4/H4

Standalone outfit

Euros Boots M4H4
Euros Boots M4H4

Standalone outfit

Eagle Force for Dusk *Exclusive*
Eagle Force Expansion *Exclusive*

Standalone outfit with a texture expansion

Steamed for SteamPunk *Exclusive*
Steamed for SteamPunk *Exclusive*

Punk Love for Fallen2
Punk Love for Fallen2

Autumn Phantasie V4 *EXC*
Autumn Phantasie V4 *EXC*
Hotter Girl! for Hot Girl II
Hotter Girl! for Hot Girl II

Small and Lovely IV Colors
Small and Lovely IV Colors

Heart Candy Leather *Exc*
Heart Candy Leather *Exc*


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