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August is here, soon there will be no more sweltering days and cooler eves are on the horizon.

Some areas are even getting ready for school so be ready for the munchkins walking in the streets.

Partnered Specials

AlienSkin has extended their offer!

You get 10% off any order which is NOW valid from now until December 31, 2017 ... This is the coupon code to use: FAC0616

Tell your friends about this offer too so they can save too!

Well folks, it's that time of year again when I start collecting items for our annual Halloween and Christmas gift pages.

Doing it this early allows the donators time to model, pose, texture, make backgrounds or what ever they come up with. Last year was a super success and everyone's efforts paid off wonderfully.

Any item does not need to be themed but having some themed would be great.

What can you give?? I am so happy you asked ... anything you create: Models (characters, props, etc.) Backgrounds Textures (animals, buildings, people,clothes, etc.) Merchant Resources Painted hair

The list is endless -- questions or want to help out with a gift? Then contact me.

Read more information HERE.

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FRM Designers

Poser has two remarkable versions of their software.

Each one is unique to itself, even more now that Poser Pro Game Dev has been incorporated into PoserPro. This makes it easier on the content creators.

They now can user PoserPro to create content for both runtimes and gaming...wooohoooo!

Daz Studio,
works in conjunction with Poser Characters or by itself with its own Genesis Characters

Daz Studio

Daz Studio