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AlienSkin has extended their offer!

You get 10% off any order which is NOW valid from now until December 31, 2017 ... This is the coupon code to use: FAC0616

Tell your friends about this offer too so they can save too!

Fantasy Attic's 2017 MADNESS ABOUNDS gift page has begun on October 1, 2017 and will continue until we run out of items (or days filled). Spread the word to all and have fun with the goodies created for this year.

Every day will stay online until the end of October, before being moved to the FreeZone or Market (depending on their rightful destination) exception is that some will be time sensitive.


Want to help? What can you give?? I am so happy you asked ... anything you create:
Models (characters, props, etc.)
Textures (animals, buildings, people,clothes, etc.)
Merchant Resources
Painted hair

The list is endless -- questions? Then contact me.

Read more information HERE and please contact me if you wish to be a donator too..

October needs!

Remembering the Dead
Remembering the Dead

Lucky 7 Halloween Backs
Lucky 7 Halloween Backs

sadora Lava Queen V4-A4-G4-Elite *Exclusive*
Isadora Lava Queen V4-A4-G4-Elite *Exclusive*

Elegant Goth Jewelry (Exclusive)
Elegant Goth Jewelry (Exclusive)

Wings of Darkness for Genesis Exclusive
Wings of Darkness for Genesis Exclusive

Grim Reaper *Exclusive*
Grim Reaper *Exclusive*

FRM Designers

Poser has two remarkable versions of their software.

Each one is unique to itself, even more now that Poser Pro Game Dev has been incorporated into PoserPro. This makes it easier on the content creators.

They now can user PoserPro to create content for both runtimes and gaming...wooohoooo!

Daz Studio,
works in conjunction with Poser Characters or by itself with its own Genesis Characters

Daz Studio

Daz Studio